Stochastic Offset Printing

Quality matters.  Global Printing continuously invests in new technologies to deliver the highest print quality in the most efficient time frame possible.

GRACoL and G7

Global is G7-certified in its proof-to-print system.  This means that the proofs we send our clients are more realistic and easier to match on press.  For example, our proofs can approximate how ink will look on different types of paper, such as uncoated and coated sheets.

Also, our G7-certified processes make it easier to match output across presses and even printing companies.  Download our short presentation on GRACoL, G7 and stochastic screening.

Stochastic Screening

Stochastic screening, also known as FM screening, can produce higher quality process color printing by placing color dots randomly rather than in their traditional pattern format.

Traditional and stochastic screening dots

Traditional process color dots vs. stochastic screening dots

The benefits of stochastic screening include:

  • Elimination of moiré effects that are generated by traditional half-tones
  • Image details look better because dots are much smaller
  • Skin tones look more realistic
  • Gradients appear smoother

In addition, colors are more stable on press because the visual effects of mis-registration are diminished.

Case Study
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