Digital Printing

Digital printing has transformed the print manufacturing business. Short-run, high quality output has turned traditional printing economics on its head, and made fully customized direct mail a reality.

Going digital is ideal for many projects:

  • On-demand book publishing
  • Marketing collateral customized to demographic options
  • One-to-one marketing such as personal URLs (PURLs)
  • Personalized HR communications

HP Indigo Digital Technology

We have partnered with Hewlett Packard to deliver the efficiencies of digital printing without sacrificing quality. HP’s Indigo presses produce the same quality as  traditional offset printing and can use 4- or 6-color process as well as spot colors.

The secret to Indigo quality is “electroink”, which closely imitates the way conventional offset inks adhere to paper.  Recently white electroinks have been developed that can be applied to dark or transparent substrates in interesting ways.

White horses in white electroink. Source: Mohawk Fine Papers