Global Distribution

So you’ve just printed 20,000 new company brochures and a dozen variable data product sheets. How do you get the right product sheets to the right customers? How can you get it done fast? How can you save money on postage on domestic and international destinations?

At Global Printing, we complement our on-demand print manufacturing model with on-demand distribution. Put our experts to work where you need help most, whether it be one-time international direct mail campaigns or automated marketing platforms.

Inventory Management and Fulfillment

On-demand customized packaging is our specialty. We take your fulfillment request based on variable data, pull the pieces together, and package everything the same day the request is received. We hand-check everything to make sure the right packages reach the right people. Plus, we can store your inventory on-site, as needed.

Our in-house development team can also build customized web interfaces for direct mail campaigns, e-commerce transactions, requesting collateral, or ordering business cards.