Ed McMahon Publisher's Clearing House CheckMarketers have been personalizing direct mail packages for decades.  Headlines like: “Christine Sanford, YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY WON $5,000,000!” flowed into millions of mailboxes throughout the 1970s and 80s.

These old “spray and pray” techniques are outdated and ineffective.  Personalization isn’t about sticking the recipient’s name outside the envelope.  Today’s marketing strategies use segmented data, customized designs, geo-targetting and personalized web sites.

Campaign Strategy

Personalized messaging generates better results, but at a cost.  We calculate the costs and benefits with you and develop the best strategy to reach your goals.  Some of the key factors we analyze to formulate return on investment:

  • Value of conversion
  • Printing costs
  • Postage costs
  • Timing with other channels

Creative Support

In addition to developing a winning strategy, the creative team at Global Thinking can assist in segmenting your data, crafting your message and designing the delivery vehicle.  The typical personalized campaign process might include:

Analyzing target variables and leverage points

  • Writing customized offers for segmented groups
  • Designing effective package options
  • Integrating data into the design

In addition to executing the print component, Global Thinking can also create and deliver a companion digital campaign via email and web.

Why Personalization Works

Personalized messaging works because people prefer offers and information that are tailored to their needs and interests.  A 2008 study by Infotrends found that two-thirds of survey respondents stated a preference for messages that were “Highly personalized with messages/offers that are unique to my needs/interests.”