Our goal is to offer publishers comprehensive business support, from traditional book printing to online distribution and marketing strategy.

We have made it our job to anticipate the shifts in demand and technology, and bring solutions to our publishing clients that will reduce costs, promote lasting client relationships and create new opportunities.

Production: Print Smarter

In the traditional publishing model, publishers had to guess what they needed long before they knew the real demand was for their product. We specialize in helping our clients transition to a “zero inventory” print on demand production process when this is the most cost efficient option available.

Fulfillment: Integrated E-commerce and Distribution

You don’t need to be Amazon to see the benefits of e-commerce integration with fulfillment systems.  We work with publishers to connect web order forms to our warehouse and production facilities.  Same-day order filling is our standard operating procedure.

Online: Distribution & Marketing

Our colleagues at Global Thinking also support our publishing clients with innovative marketing tactics and online distribution strategies.  They can build your web site, design integrated email/print marketing campaigns, and connect all your customer touch points with a client relationship management (CRM) system.