Human Resources

Over the last two decades, Global has developed unique capabilities to serve the needs of human resources departments and HR consultancies. 

Our approach combines the capacity and flexibility needed to deliver complicated HR projects on unalterable deadlines – and with no tolerance for error.

Data Management

Global’s IT team specializes in performing complex HR data management tasks in a secure environment.  Our typical HR projects include:

  • Benefits enrollment data collection
  • Employee list segmentation and cleansing
  • Secure data transfer and proofing
  • Hand-checking print output for accuracy


Our HR printing specialists create customized communications packages for benefits descriptions, open enrollment and wellness campaigns.  Customization begins with personalizing the message but also includes versioning of materials for different employee groups and business units.

Online Systems

Our online HR systems range in scope from SPD ordering systems to “paperless” open enrollment web sites.  In partnership with our Global Thinking business unit, we have become authorities in building web-based systems for our HR clients.

Creative Support

In HR communications, the goal is to convey – and gather – important information and encourage new behaviors.  However, the audience is usually diverse and the message is often complicated or easily misconstrued.  Our creative team at Global Thinking can help support your HR team’s goals, across print and online channels.